Which Luxury Watch Firm Gets the Most Popular Brand Representative?

Any brand selling any product will do better if they've a well-known face behind it. Allowed, should you be well-known afterward one will simply ally himself or herself with brands which are valued, well known and can actually afford to cover nicely for getting the rights to plaster a well-known face next to whatever it's selling, whether water (Jennifer Aniston for Smart Water), shoes (all the ones that have at some point or another supported Nike), as well as in this instance, luxury Replica Watches watches.
Luxury watch brands have all the qualities that place them in a situation in order to cover the (usually) millions of dollars they do to all kinds of stars. These qualities comprise strong standings, rich histories (nearly each and every one comes from Switzerland or another European country), as well as using high quality and exclusive precious metals and jewels, all which result in the creation of something that could cost as much as thousands of dollars: a luxury men's watch or a luxury women's watch. I'd state that each and every ambassador for Movado is well known, hands down. Movado watches are glossy and refined and will be sporty as well (thus the past three male ambassadors mentioned here). Celebrity Kerry Washington; you might not immediately understand her name but will instantly recognize her face.

 She's most known for her performance in the movie "Ray" which came out in 2004 and was signed to Movado in 2005. Celebrity and former kid model Amanda Seyfried (her name might be unknown but when you see her face, you are like "oh yeah!") is the most youthful of Movado's ambassadors. She's appeared in the films "Maama Mia!" and "Mean Girls" and stars in the HBO show "Big Love" this season. Here is a review of four luxury replica brands which have celebrity representative of all types. Some you'll learn instantly, some you may know the face but not the name among others, you might not understand in any way. Who's the hottest? Which luxury watch brand gets the best group of representative? You determine.