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Fielding the ball is a very popular game especially in Indonesia and its popularity is increasing day by day.
Reason behind its popularity: The reason behind the popularity of the game is that the game is not only about gambling; it does not depend only on your luck. Strategies need to be made which makes it quite different from any other gambling games. More and more agents are coming up because the game has become so popular so that they can provide different deals to the members. Rules and regulations of fielding the ball: When you start playing a game it is very necessary you are accustomed to the rules and regulations of the game. Here the rules and regulations provided by tangkasnet. • The minimum age a person need to have to open an account is 18 years. • One should never share their user id and password; it is totally your responsibility for keeping your account safe and confidential. • Minimum withdrawal as well as deposit from the account is Rs. 50,000. • When a member is making a deposit to a certain account that has not been registered in the database of the site then it is considered as a donation. • You can make your deposits anytime you like. • But it is better to avoid the time when the bank services are not available online. • There is a maximum hanging time of one hour after which you will out of the table. • All complaints regarding technical issues should be done within an hour. • If any fraudulent activities are found then the account will be disabled without any prior notice. Now that you know all about the rules, do not waste any further time register today and play the fielding balls free download without any kind of payment. click here to get more information agen 88tangkas (88tangkas agent).