The Upholstery leather and its methods of preparation


In the modern era, people are frequently using the leather. The excessive use of leather has given rise to the upholstery leather. The leathers are well decorated and use. The people who are spending a luxurious life mainly utilize such leathers, and this is adding better comfort to the luxury that the people are having.

The used leather can sometimes be dangerous if it comes in contact with the heat or with fire, but with such quality, you would not have to worry about the fire and the heat. Thus being a better resistant to fire and heat you also use in places that are prone to heat and light.

Preparation of Upholstery leather


·         Tanning - with the tanning process, the raw hide is modified and made soft, durable with pliable for the users to use it more efficiently.


·         Dying - the dying process is applied on the leather in order to have better colors which can penetrate in to it.


·         Finishing - after dying the leathers are provided with a coating that is protective for the colors and thereby the imperfections can be hide and thereby a resistive layer is provided against abrasion or stain.


·         Mottled finish- with such finish you are actually binding the colors thus preventing it from spots and other splotchy appearance.


·         Glatt - with such process you are actually providing the leather with a smooth finish.


·         Glazed finish - with such finish you are providing the upholstery leather with a polished finish that can make it look more attractive.


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