The solution providing websites are a boon to students

These days university level studies have become extremely difficult. Earlier the students used to bond with each other a lot and had friendships that would lead them to helping each other during not only regular studies but also just the night before the exam when they would have all night cramming sessions. But, today in the world that is governed by technology the competition is fierce and the students are finding themselves lonely. Even the professors cannot be with the student 24*7. Also, most of the professors will tell the students the basics of the subject and expect them to figure out the rest. All this made it difficult to study as well as t pass the university exams till the time students did not know what is course hero.
Even professors join these websites Since no student is unaware of technology or internet, it has become easier for them to find help on the net in the form of websites that are ready with solutions to all the problems. They even have many professors associated with them that can first of all help the students if they are stuck solving a problem and also keep a check on the content of the website making sure that the notes and questions that should not be revealed publically are brought to the notice of the website developers. Students only benefit from this arrangement The students who know what is course hero and need to learn the solution to the problem genuinely benefit a lot from these websites as they provide them with step by step solutions. But, there are also students that want easy way out with their homework and their take home tests and try to cheat without learning the basics. Such students definitely face problems during the exams because they lack in depth knowledge of the subject and so fail.