Plasma lighter which is eco-friendly in nature

The plasma lighter are more cool gadgets and are pretty in nature so can become the best option when you are gifting to someone. Even if the person is not the smoker as it comes with the array of the advantages over the classic lighter which is fuel in nature? But yes there are also some downsides to it. It traditional lighter contains zero butane, and it is disposable lighter which can waste your money and also is harmful to the environment.
But this plasma lighter is eco-friendly in nature and is very easy to use it also. It is having the USB rechargeable cable in it which makes it 100 % electric and standard USB port. Simply plugged in it to the socket and after sixty minutes your charger is fully charged. It is also whispered in nature so that it can enhance your experience much better and unique. Pros • It is wind proof in nature so that it can be used in any environment. It is mostly used by the smoker that is using the cigarette. So they can light their cigarette in the windy day also it will cause no harm to the environment. • It has no fluid in it, and it is very easy to charge the lighter as there is the special tank in which the specific fluid in it. Plasma lighter is having the battery powered in it also. • It is much safer in use as it contains the smaller container and the flammable gas in which can break the spill. CONS • The surface of lighting is small in nature it is the biggest problem with all plasma lighter • The sound pitch is high, and this creates some sound when lit. But plasma lighter is goo sans safe in nature so it can be used in any environment.