Military Buildings in Clash of Clans

The most significant military building you and the first meet in the game is Army Camp. Until it's at level 8 you can update it. What it does? Army Camp is the place! More you'll be able to construct more and more you update them you can have a larger military! It's the biggest building in clash of clans cheats, so you will need a large space for it. You have to understand that troops that are here don't defense your hamlet! At level 8, just 60 troops can be supported by your Army Camp.
You'll have a maximum of 4 Army Camps. It's important for you to understand that this building does not want protection, so if you put walls around it's no sense! You'll only take space for nothing, because it's limited and you need that space! Another amusing thing is that some troops reactions can be observed by you if you click on this building. It will alter its aspect and will became larger once you update your Army Camp! The most important change can be just with level 7. Until then it simply became larger and some things as: a chicken, a carrot, a bare spit and so on show on or evaporate.

After with level 7, your Army Camp could have the largest change! It's going to be visiting and black is the color that is most used! We're confident that after you'll start playing you'll understand how to play it because it's not difficult and in an identical time wonderful to play! More people are being attracted by clash of clans cheats day by day, but many of gamers do not pay attention to details of troops, barriers, buildings and so on. They understand only what they play and do this game that is superficial. click here to get more information hack clash royale.