How can you get connected to gasten wifi on phone?

When you are visiting to the highly reputable hospital, hotel, restaurant, railway station or airport or bus terminus you are offered free wifi. Actually some of the best popular places are offering Wifi voor klanten . You can easily take the full advantages of such services. You need to necessarily connect the device to the wifi and can do the downloading of the songs, surf video streaming site, operate the social site like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You just have to follow the simpler step to connect the wifi to the smart mobile phone. Different mobile phone is having different operating system.
Here are some of the steps to follow to connect the wifi- • Tap the Setting- The setting button is on the screen of mobile homepage. Just tap the setting app. • Tap on the wifi- Now you have to tap on the wifi option. This is on the top of the setting. • Tap the slider- Now you have to tap on the slider to make it get on. The green or blue indicates that the wifi has switched on. Just swipe down and look for all the available networks.
• Tap on the network- Now you have to tap on the network that has the gasten wifi and is not protected publically. Now the phone will get connected to the particular network that you choose. The password protected is indicated via lock icon. If you do not see any of the networks available, then you will not be in the range of the wifi. You need to relocate to connect to the network. • Enter the wifi password- If the network seems to be protected, the window will appear. You need to enter the password. Now tap on join to get connected to the wifi and use it easily. These are some of the steps to follow to get connected to a wifi voor customer free available network.