Excellence of Video production

Video production company London have been continuously working for various famous and renowned clients which shows that their goodwill in the Film production service. Many promotional films were launched which led to the successful awareness of their clients brand. Projects like Amsterdam ISC placement programmed film. The theme of this promotional video is to the boast about the specialized study group started with a motto to teach English for international students which propagates high level education to students.
”Walking with the Wounded” is another promotional video which had a one day shoot and three days edit. This video elevates the motive of an organization that is a charity set up to raise funds for the re-education and re-training of wounded servicemen and women. Cumbrian challenge in the picturesque Lake District is filmed with C100 and various lenses in the video which had a small crew who worked for the film. Seven health care is a project which was shot in London over four days with a crew of six in various locations with some great actors and extras and created four short films. This video was done by Video production company London from the client Seven me who approached them with an intention to create a few commercial short films that could show off their revolutionary technology in self care.

“The Lurcher” a film about a Banjo maker and a structure was built for the film with five string banjos from scratch in Brighton called Malcolm. This video film is been given by client Malcolm McLeod has been nominated for the Sony product awards 2014 and awarded the position of runner up. Video film production works by this team had got a good feedback and is going well with new clients day by day and has been appreciated for their great works. For more information please visit corporate video production company.