Cartier: The Luxurious Watch of Selection

The Home of Cartier is the iconic leader in fabrication, the creation and sales of a few of the precious and lavish Replica Watches in the world . The reason they've held this position for over 160 years is due in part to an uncompromising standard of quality set in place when trainee Louis Francois-Cartier took over workshop and this masters company in 1847. It wasn't long before his expertise and focus to detail and quality made him one of the most famous jewelers of his time. Alfred Cartier, his son, succeeded his father in the company in 1874, further creating Cartier as a top notch organization for the monied elite. However, it wasn't until the grandsons of Cartier, Louis Pierre and Jacques took within the company the name started to bask in international recognition, and that it became a star in its own right.
Alfred Cartier is credited with making the initial men's wrist watch. This came about because the Brazilian leader aviator, Alberto Santos-Dumont, whined to his friend Alfred of utilizing a pocket watch about the cumbersome impracticality. In response to this, a level wrist watch was designed by Alfred having a square bezel. This watch was very well received not only by Santos Dumont, but was named 'The Santos', and went on to end up being the watch of choice for a lot of the illustrious clientele of Cartier. From the time Cartier signed a contract with Edmund Jaeger to just provide the moves because of its watches (1907), with divisions in Ny, St. Petersburg, and London they were fast becoming one of the most successful brands in the world. In the early 1920's, a joint venture was formed by Cartier with Jaeger and the European cartier replica watch and Clock Company came to be. Early versions such as the Tortue the Tank, and the Baignoire are still to this very day in production. That is what I mean when I refer to Cartier watches as 'ageless'.